Nope! I don’t pay for referrals!

While I do appreciate the numerous referrals from current and past clients, businesses, industry players, and friends & family, please note, I do not believe in receiving referral fees or paying out referral fees.

I am of the view that all referrals should be genuine. And for this to happen, referrals need to be honest and open, and free of monetary ($) influence. As such, I do not believe in receiving referral fees or paying out referral fees. My hope is that any referrals of my services are based on the referrer’s beliefs that my DJ services would be a great fit for their cilent / friend / colleagues / workplace event.

On the flipside, if I am referring a business to a client, I do not accept any referral fees. This is because I want my clients to know that my referrals are honest and genuine, free from monetary influence, and that I truly believe that the businesses I am referring can truly assist my clients in achieving their end goals.

If you have any questions regarding my referral policy, please be sure to get in touch!