Wedding Venues in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

(Map last updated 26 July 2021)

I bet you didn’t realize that there are at least 180 locations you can have your wedding ceremony and reception in and around Ottawa… amiright!?!

See below for a map of the more popular wedding locations in Ottawa-Gatineau, and the surrounding area!

Although this list is not exhaustive, it’s pretty darn close! And most, if not all major hotels, golf courses, and larger churches in the area will also host your wedding (but not all are listed).  If you’re on a modest budget and don’t mind a bit of DIY planning, be sure to inquire with the City of Ottawa for some of the venues they make available for events (i.e. community centres).

If you see any errors, omissions, or duplication, feel free to drop me a note via Facebook, or through the Connect page!

Thank you!
-sherwin (Dj Kiwi)

Note to venues: Thank you for your interest in this map. However, as I have already mentioned to numerous other venues, this map will remain influence-free. In short, please stop sending me e-mails asking me to feature your venue, sell ad space on this page for your venue, or list your venue at the top (the map will remain in alphabetical’ish order). That being said, if your venue is not on this list, I’d be happy to add it! Many thanks!

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